We were thrilled to be approached by new charity iGiveBuy to design and build their website, not just for the new business (although that is always welcome, of course!) but for the unique nature of their product. In a nutshell, users can donate to iGiveBuy’s partner charities, and in return will receive a thank you in the form of money off their everyday spends.

A site of this nature requires more than a simple one-page design. The different functionalities range from user registration to donations, hosting the offers available and information about the supported charities.

With a vast number of charities registered in the UK alone, it’s impossible to know the ins and outs of every single one. The bigger charities with the bigger advertising and marketing budgets are of course, the ones that are going to generate more donations. So to work with smaller charities on this project was a real eye opener. The first charity to partner with iGiveBuy was Aids Orphan, who work with children across some of Africa’s most deprived countries, most of whom have lost both their parents to AIDS with nobody else to turn to. Writing the copy for their information page was not easy, particularly as we learned more about the individual case studies. It made the site testing easier however, as we willingly tested out the donate function to make sure not only that the site worked, but that this fantastic charity would be getting some much-needed support from us. We encourage you to read the stories of the children Aids Orphan have helped. You can find out more and donate here.

iGiveBuy is bringing charity in line with the ecommerce habits of the 21st century. Savvy shoppers scour the internet for discount codes before making a purchase… and now we can introduce the notion of giving into this process. As this model continues to grow, we may see that charity can become more integrated with everyday online habits.


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