James Crossley is one of Europe’s best known personal trainers, but to the non-fitness fanatics among us he is better known as ‘Hunter’ from the 90s TV show, Gladiators. So when James asked to meet us we turned up brandishing our big foam fingers we picked up at the NEC back in 1996. While James appreciated our enthusiasm, he was actually meeting us to talk about two of his products, so we got down to it.

His first task for us was to create an attention-grabbing Facebook ad for his innovative tablet app, PTin1. The app has a clear audience in mind; personal trainers who want an easy way to keep track of their clients’ progress. So, in addition to creating the advert itself, we advised James on the best way to get optimum reach and maximise downloads. By the end of the ad campaign we had seen an uplift in downloads of 400%, a result James was so pleased with he allowed us to design and build his entire website!

And so ChelseaFitness.co.uk was born. Chelsea Fitness is James’ personal training & fitness company, and he has a lot to showcase. As well as offering one-to-one training at some of London’s top facilities, James also specialises in online personal training and he’s expanding the business in Spain. We created a sleek, modern website which beautifully showcases all of the above in a user friendly manner. We’re looking forward to seeing the Chelsea Fitness portfolio grow.

Now, James, please can we live out our childhood dreams and thrash each other with giant cotton buds?!


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